Sensual Tantramassages for men and women, massagecoaching for couples, tantraseminars for women, singles and couples

Welcome to Living Tantra Vision Munich

Living Tantra Vision is your Tantra-Yoga Institute in Munich. Our name is a programm as well as a way of living - meaning it is a path of life, to live the tantric vision, to grow out of our limited Self, to be in the Divine Love and Freedom with all human beings. The path is also our destination. It doesn´t matter where you stand at the moment and what you choose from our service offering. If you want to enjoy a total relaxing tantra massage or if you like to feel the wonderful energy of a group in a tantra seminar - just trust your inner voice - everything is fine.


The tantra massage is a full body massage. Each part of your body will be lovely, respectfully und heedfully massaged and touched. The Kundalini energy will be activated and transformed in pure life energy thanks to a tantric technic during the Lingam massage (for men) and the Yoni massage (for the women).

Furthermore we offer tantra seminars for women, singles and couples in Munich and surroundings. In a relaxed atmosphere we take you to an inner journey, where you can get in touch with all your senses and your sensuality anew.

Feel yourself, be touched and be deeply moved, enjoy to celebrate your agility and passion. Here you are allowed to be as you are, with all your feelings, wishes, your constraints and agility.

You learn tantric exercises and rituals - alone, in pairs and in the group - which will give you a taste and a direct experience of the tantric path. Hereby you will be supported through body energy, voice and breathing exercises, meditation, dynamic body movement, music and dance as well as sensual touches.

All gatherings for the exercises and rituals are built on a base of appreciation, respect and spontaneousness.

Moreover tantric knowledge, spiritual and psychological background will be integrated. We also would like to show you how to integrate the tantra yoga practices in your daily life, so that you will be more and more centered and in the love. We have the pretention and vision to create a more and more lovely and peaceful environment. Our offering inspires people who are open and curious about the tantric path and also people who had experience with tantra seminars, yoga and meditation.


Book a Tantramassage here: +49 162 416 86 78

Open from Monday to Friday 09:00 am to 9:00 pm, only with appointment!

On weekends please ask me, because sometimes I give seminars!

The adress of my studio will be send by SM!